Leo Clark packed up a successful Brazilian film & television career and moved here to New Zealand to support his wife, who is studying at Auckland University.

Coming to a country with no contacts was a bold move, but he’s starting to show his editing talents here and become a full-time Jafa.

Here’s my conversation with Leo Clark, Film & TV Editor…

Did you always want to be in the role you’re in or did it just happen?
I think that being an editor for me is a combination of all my passions and skills developed over the years. I never thought about it, to be honest. It just happened.

I started with an Atari 2600 playing video games, became a computer programmer and I am still in sync with technology, which helps.

Eventually, it was a film director friend of mine, who encouraged me to be his editor. It took 10 years for that to happen, but it did.

How has your part of the industry changed since you started?
I started with BETACAM tapes and editing bays that cost well over $150.000.

The first Media Composer I had my hands on, back in 1998, had a graphics / capture card the size of a large suitcase, now I can use a DSLR and GoPro to make a Hollywood blockbuster on a Laptop.

We are witnessing a revolution in content production. One of the aspects of it is that people are less specialised. They do it all. Produce, shoot, edit and post.

“Unfortunately, there is the lazy, fat, soda drinking editor that looks like a slave to the machine and never leaves his chair.”

Is there a character stereotype for an editor?
Unfortunately, there is the lazy, fat, soda-drinking editor that looks like a slave to the machine and never leaves his chair, but I believe that our image is improving with editors becoming versatile in other areas. Allowing them to leave their dark cave and see the outside world.

What equipment are you currently using and why?
Avid Media Composer is my go-to software. I sold my big setup in Brazil before moving to Auckland, so right now, I work on a MacBook Pro 15 retina.

I have a 24 inch monitor hooked to a Blackmagic Ultrastudio mini Monitor BoB, a 3.5 external drive dock for swapping internal HDs.

I love Logitech’s Avid custom keyboard and can not live without Apple’s trackpad (I believe the mouse is dead!)

Also, I run an app called Action on my iPad to have some elaborate macro functions running at the touch of a button.

For someone wanting to be an editor, what is your advice?
Like everything else in life, you’ve got to really want it. Grab your phone, go shoot some stuff and experiment with it. See how you like it. It is all very accessible now.
Why did you join Freelance Directory?
I can safely say that Freelance Directory has made my life possible here in Auckland.

I moved here 2 months ago with my wife and son without knowing anyone in the industry.

Almost every day there are great opportunities, and I am slowly building my network of crazy audio-visual nerds like myself.