When Freelance Directory first went live, I made it on a ‘build-your-own’ site and slapped my self-made logo on the header. For a while, I was convinced that I was a Graphic & Digital Designer.

It’s people like Emma that remind us that while technology has made it easier for us to be multi-skilled, pretenders like myself can rarely replicate the skill of a truly dedicated professional in their craft.

Here’s my conversation with Emma Campbell, Graphic & Digital Designer…

How did you get into Graphic & Digital Design? Was it a hard grind or did you fall into it?
I studied Graphic Design at AUT so that really helped to gain some solid knowledge and a foot in the door. I also did a lot of self-learning when it comes to the development side of web and apps. The creative industry is always hard. People have different opinions and you have to learn to accept critique.

Did you always want to be in the role you’re in or did it just happen?
I always wanted to do something creative. After I graduated, I thought I wanted to do print and branding, it’s only been in the past year that I’ve decided that I wanted to pursue digital design and web and app development. I love learning new things and I see the world changing to be more digital.

“I guess there are more men that can code than women…”

What sort of projects do you work on? Anything we would have heard of?
I work on some branding projects but also web development and UI design. But my favourite project I’ve worked on was with Adobe and Girl Skateboards where I was able to illustrate a skateboard which was sold worldwide.

Is there a character stereotype for the job you’re in?
I guess there are more men that can code than women, but I’m definitely a believer in people being able to both design and code.

“Code changes, technology changes, the world changes. You can’t learn something and then expect that knowledge to be relevant forever”.

How has your part of the industry changed since you started?
I would say the major change is more things shifting digital. There are more people wanting websites and apps and using online methods to promote instead of using posters and print.
What exciting things are happening with technology in your job currently?
I think the most exciting thing was last year with the iPad Pro. It’s completely changed how I work. I’m able to take notes but also draw with it. I can draw something in the Illustrator Draw app and have it pop up straight away onto Creative Cloud on my desktop.

What are the current challenges for people working in your industry?
With digital and creating websites there are so many different platforms and ways to design and develop. Finding the right way and convincing a client that it is the right way can be difficult.

“I see a lot of fragmentation in media which I feel is part of the influence of the internet”.

What do you think is the future of your industry and how will it affect the people working in it?
The future is virtual reality and an immersive experience. Not just seeing something on a screen but it being a 360-degree experience.
For someone wanting to do what you do, what is your advice?
: Don’t stop learning. Code changes, technology changes, the world changes. You can’t learn something and then expect that knowledge to be relevant forever.
Why did you join Freelance Directory?
I thought it would be a nice change to do freelance work with people within New Zealand instead of overseas and be able to connect in person with others in the community.