For over three years now, Freelance Directory has connected thousands of Kiwi freelancers with jobs in the industry for FREE, allowing people to spend more time creating and less time looking for freelancers.

The network is now launching a brand new platform that allows creative professionals in New Zealand to rent their own equipment out to each other.

It’s called Rent My Gear

So how does it work?

There is an initial signup and authorisation process to make sure you’re real.

Once you have listed your gear and set your daily and weekly prices, potential renters can send you requests with dates and information about where & why they are using the equipment.

Depending if you like their profile or not, you can accept or decline their request. Remember…You can always say no!


What about insurance?

We’ve also teamed up with APEX INSURANCE to make sure your equipment is covered, which is the most important thing. Make sure you read our insurance guide in our resources section for more information.

There are also other great templates in here to help you rent safely, like the safe renting guide, rental agreement template and gear checklist.


Why should you sign up?

For OWNERS, it’s an opportunity to create another revenue stream. For RENTERS, it opens up a whole new world to source equipment from new places at better prices. We think it’s a win-win.

Not everyone will be keen to rent out their equipment as we tend to treat our expensive equipment like a dog treats a juicy bone, but if you like the idea of creating an income off the equipment you own, why not visit the site and see what you think?

This has been over a year in the making and we hope it can serve you well, I’ve definitely got my gear on there!